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The Mind and The Body

Direction, Photography, Editing and Concept - Valerio Lettieri
Make up - Larisa MUA 
Dancer/Model - Rachel Laird


2020 has been a unique year. Because of the economical, physical and mental struggles produced by the global pandemic and social unrest, these times have been described as unprecedented and life-changing. Life has been paused and we’re facing the never-ending count of deaths, the economical instability and the separation from family and friends in anxious isolation. All plans for this year and for the near future have been disrupted.


The duality of body and mind is represented in this image, a product of the psychological pressure that weighs on each of us in this historical moment. Our mind and imagination wander more than ever to explore the possibilities and dreams that are denied to the physical bodies chained inside a room

Winner of Association Of Photographers Emerging Talent Award 2020

Check out Valerio's website if you want more information on his work.


The Improv Sessions

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