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Amber Kim Fashion Dance Performance. Choreographed and Performed by Rachel Laird and Melissa Muncaster.

REPURPOSE will feature the fashion design collection of Amber Kim. Kim’s collection, brought to wearable life out of waste materials she sourced from various UK festival sites, will be showcased in the form of an installation and experimental choreography featuring contemporary dancers.

REPURPOSE seeks to respond to news of climate change protests planning to “shut down” London Fashion Week to raise awareness to the environmental damage caused by the fashion industry. The Private View featuring a contemporary dance performance will show how fashion can be portrayed differently and be represented sustainably and responsibly through bricolage and blending the old with the new, exploring the notion of the atemporal and its political relevance.’

exhibition text by Sonja Teszler, Curator

Check out the Wells Project website for more about the event. 



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