Here But Know Where Jamie Neale.jpg

Here But Know Where

Short Film

"We spend our days in routine unware of similar actions being taken by someone else in our space. I wanted to explore a space where everyone is in sync but are unaware of each other.

Working with six model/dancers of different ages, race, and diversity to explore the inter-relationship that we encounter every single day but without acknowledgement."

Models // Claudia Rose // Beverly Mitchell // Evie Oldham // Rachel Laird // Kibrea Carmichael // Emma Holt

Director / Creative Director // Jamie Neale / 
Producer // Harry Guest 
DOP // Jack Gould
Photographer // Abdel Abdulai 
Stylist // Mao Miyakoshi / 
MUA // Senay Taormina 
Gaffer // Alejandro Celia
Spark // Elena Armenelli 
Colourist // Nick Dalby 

Post House // Unit
Post Producers // Isabella Wakley / Stephanie Economides
Editor // Megan Thorne 
Music // Joe Cornwell

Clothing Credits // @karlkaniclothing / @superdry / @levis_uk / @levis / @officialtriumph / @petjazorec / @sophiawebster / @sabinna_com / @lalicabg / @uniqlo_uk / @uniqlo / @kswiss / @dreamsisterjane

Premiered on Coy Culture

Roisin O'Brien Dance

Peut-Être Theatre