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Garsington Opera

Dancer in Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin

Based on Alexander Pushkin’s great verse novel of the same name, Tchaikovsky’s best-loved opera gives exquisite voice to the casualties of love, the victims in the battle between raw emotion and social convention. Tchaikovsky’s own pain, frustration and loss find expression here in some of his most haunting and beautiful music.

Conductor - Douglas Boyd

Director - Michael Boyd

Designer - Tom Piper

Lighting Designer - Malcolm Rippeth

Acrobatic Choreography - Lina Johansson

Movement Director / Choreographer - Liz Ranken


Rachel was selected to be one of the female dancers in the revival of Eugene Onegin production first performed in 2016. Grateful to have spent three months working with Garsington and performing again during the pandemic 


Sliding Doors Collective

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